Peter Kelly

Peter Fredrick Kelly

Project Manager + Intern Architect AIBC, BAS, M.Arch

Peter brings over 6 years of experience working on culturally and environmentally sensitive projects across North America. He joined TKA+D in 2022 and is currently working on an exciting industrial flagship project in Vancouver, for an innovative electric vehicle manufacturer.

Peter received his master’s degree in architecture from Carleton University. Prior to joining TKA+D, Peter helped design a mass-timber campus for Google in California. He was previously based in Yellowknife, engaging projects with many First Nations and Inuit communities across Northern Canada. Peter also has several years of technical and hands-on experience working on-site in the construction industry.

Peter’s broad architectural interests range from mass-timber, sustainable design and the use of emerging technologies. With a passion for the outdoors, you can find him exploring by cycling, hiking, paddling, or snowboarding outside of work.