Our purpose is to inspire a wonderful world.
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Our Vision

Ensure every project has a positive impact on our community and our environment.

Our Mission

Partner with progressive clients and industry leaders to create innovative design solutions.

Our Values

Humility and respect, design excellence, technical excellence, environmental sustainability, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

At TKA+D, we strive to ensure that our actions positively impact our environment, which may mean no impact. We are fully committed to sustainability at all levels, and we understand that for a project to be truly successful, it must be sustainable financially, socially, and environmentally.

Our collective body of knowledge and expertise spans over 40 years. However, we never assume we know it all. Every project brings us new insights, and with that, new knowledge and opportunities to distil what we have learned into designs that fulfil our client’s aspirations.


  • We use our expertise wisely and foster a culture of collaboration and open information exchange in all we do.

  • We have a carefully crafted quality management system ensuring our client’s expectations are always met and often exceeded.

  • We strive to deliver our projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standard.
  • We follow best practice standards closely to ensure quality, consistency, and reliability from one project to the next.

  • We don’t lose sight of the need to explore new and fresh ideas that may be unique to each project.

  • We work within a structured framework of research, testing, and regular design reviews.

  • We place a high level of importance on daily communication to maintain project quality and consistency.


We use industry-leading technology and processes to ensure accuracy and consistency in all phases of our projects.


To enhance the quality and consistency of our work, we utilize a fully integrated Building Information Model (BIM) to produce our design and construction documentation. Coordination between consultants and our own architectural and interior design team is significantly enhanced. For example, if a door is changed on a floor plan, it automatically updates the elevations, sections, and door schedules. If a detail callout is moved from one sheet to another, any cross-references to it are automatically redirected to that sheet.

Autodesk Revit

The software we use is Autodesk Revit which can seamlessly integrate with other Autodesk products such as AutoCAD and a host of other formats. At any point in the process, from conceptual design and programming to construction documentation, we can provide three-dimensional images to help our clients and the entire project team fully understand our design solutions. We can also offer a service to accurately quantify any particular material, element, wall system, furniture component or the like to assist a quantity survey or contractor in the cost planning process.


Created by Craig Taylor MAIBC and Donna Kurtz BID, TKA+D (formerly Taylor Kurtz) brings together over 40 years of experience in architecture and interior design within our leadership group. Our experience is global, emphasizing projects in Canada and Australia. We enjoy and promote a collaborative approach to the practice of architecture and value the contribution of all team members. We believe in assembling the right people for each project and do not let egos hinder the design process. We have collaborated with other architects and design professionals on many projects around the world and have developed rewarding and long-lasting relationships.