TKA+D celebrates National Indigenous History Month

As we embrace National Indigenous History Month in June, TKA+D wholeheartedly celebrates the vibrant culture and rich history of First Nations. We are excited to actively participate in various local events in Vancouver, where we honour and pay homage to the indigenous communities.

Over the years, TKA+D has had the privilege of collaborating with and listening to First Nations communities throughout the region. We have been honored the opportunity to listen to generational stories, been provided insight into the intrinsic connection between the natural world and cultural context and have gained a better understanding of sustainability and ecological stewardship.

We encourage everyone to explore the links below, immersing themselves in the incredible history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities. It is through understanding and appreciation that we can forge stronger connections and foster a more inclusive society.

Photo: Tsawwassen First Nation Land

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