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Vantage Squamish
Vantage Squamish
Vantage Squamish
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Vantage Squamish

Vantage is a mid-rise mixed-use commercial retail and 73 residential unit building in downtown Squamish. Key to the design was to create a ‘place’ in the midst of a commercial strip mall where-in people will want to live. The courtyard typology is intended to create such a ‘place’, opening a multi-level landscaped common area to southern views of the Stawamus Chief Mountain.

The courtyard configuration allows apartments have natural light from at least two sides thus creating more habitable areas and deep second bedrooms. When it is warm outside, the courtyard’s microclimate becomes a cool shaded low pressure zone as compared with the higher pressures of the building’s exterior. When paired with operable windows on two sides of the unit, cooler air naturally moves thru the unit to create ventilation flows. In the winter, the courtyard acts to shelter from the elements and helps buffers the units from the cold winter winds.

Project Details

  • Location: Squamish, BC

  • Client: Epix Developments

  • Floor Area: 121,785 sq.ft.


  • 2017

    Squamish Advisory Design Panel (ADP) Award – Best Mixed Use Project


  • This “Passive Before Active Systems” courtyard design allows deep units with access to natural light and cooling via cross ventilation while integrating biophilia into resident’s everyday circulation. Its wood frame structural system is a lower-cost and lower-embodied carbon building solution.