Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor

President + Architect AIBC, MRAIC

As Founder and President of TKA+D Craig has assembled a group of inspiring Leaders with complementary skills and a common vision for the future of TKA+D. Craig continues to lead by example with humility & respect fostering a culture of hard work and excellence.

As Design Director, with over 35 years of experience, Craig will oversee the design direction of all TKA+D projects providing guidance throughout the design process. Craig has established a clearly defined set of design principles and processes that guide each of our talented Architects and Designers to create work that supports our purpose & vision. To “Inspire a wonderful world”.

Craig was the recipient of both the Royal Australian Institute of Architects – Q.I.A. Medal and the Queensland Board of Architects Prize early in his career followed by many awards throughout his time in Australia. Since establishing TKA+D he has received Awards for his work consistently each year since 2011. Craig has a proven ability to design buildings of high merit and great distinction.

Craig will provide leadership to help guide the design team. With many successful projects throughout his career, Craig’s design sense is invaluable. As president of TKA+D, his leadership on design, his project experience and ability to lead our team as architects and designers alongside his partners continues to inspire.