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To enhance the quality and consistency of our work, TKA+D utilizes a fully integrated Building Information Model (BIM) to produce our design and construction documentation. This means that coordination between consultants and with our own architectural and interior design team is significantly enhanced. For example, if a door is changed on a floor plan it is automatically updated in the elevations, sections, and door schedules. If a detail callout is moved from one sheet to another, any cross references to it are automatically redirected to that sheet.

The software we use is Autodesk Revit which can be seamlessly integrated with other Autodesk products such as AutoCAD as well as a host of other formats. At any point in the process, from conceptual design and programming through to construction documentation, we can provide three dimensional images to help our clients and the entire project team to fully understand our design solutions. We can also provide a service to accurately quantify any particular material, element, wall system, furniture component or the like to assist a quantity survey or contractor in the cost planning process.

With an integrated IES plug into Revit Architecture, TKA+D is able to provide simulated energy modeling to test our designs against energy performance standards at any given time in the design process. For example, we are able to accurately test the impact of building orientation, sun shading, glass type, etc. on heating and cooling loads, light levels and ultimately the overall energy utilization of the building.

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