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Architect AIBC

Having lived through an impressive history of relocations (born in Seoul, Korea; raised in Victoria, BC; and educated in Montreal, QC, and Chicago, IL) Steve has grown inquisitive about the history of development of cities, and the various forms in which urbanism manifests in different cultures. As a proponent of intelligently designed urban density, Steve believes that successfully designed cities can promote more egalitarian access to public amenities and other opportunities while also achieving more resilient and sustainable forms of development.
Steve studied Economics and Political Science at McGill University, and received the architectural training from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before landing in Vancouver, where he has gained diverse professional experience working on various higher education, commercial, and transportation projects. When not solving design problems, Steve can be found on the streets of downtown, taking photos or exploring new Chinese restaurants, punctuated by skiing, travelling, and cooking for his family.


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